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I've been singing since I was 6 years old from school choirs, rock bands, stage shows, acoustic duos to singing with dj's.  From the age of 16 artists like Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor and Madonna have all inspired me with their originality, drive and emotive expression.


I've written all styles of music and enjoy expressing my own thoughts and experiences through my songs. It's what my vision statement is all about...    "Inspiration. Motivation. Dedication."

Kiwi born vocalist/producer eM is an accomplished artist in the EDM scene with 2 EPs and 2 albums self produced and released in the last 7 years, alongside over 50 singles with various producers available on Beatport.


Having started singing at the age of 6 and writing her first song at the age of 13. When other kids were out playing in the yard she was cutting up cassette tapes and making her own mega mixes of her idols at the time Wham, Madonna and Michael Jackson.


eM moved to Australia at the age of 18 to spend time with her birth family. She’d been fortunate to have an open adoption and decided to get to know some of her birth family living in Brisbane. She fell in love with Australia and in the year 2000 she moved to Melbourne to pursue her love for music.


She has been involved with acoustic duos, singing with house and trance djs, involved in a breakbeat duo, ran her own small club/party nights and did voiceovers for community and commercial radio stations such as Kiss Fm Melbourne and the Austereo Network.


Her first EDM release was with an Italian producer Roby Mannarini ‘I got love’ in 2008. From thereon eM has released trance, progressive house, house tracks with numerous producers from around the globe.


Her 2nd release with Amsterdam born trance producer MaRLo

‘Capture’ hit no.1 on Trackitdown for 5 consecutive days in early 2010 followed by another hit track ‘People Under the Sun’ with French producer ‘Jerome Zambino’ which ruled Beatports top 10 with 3 of the mixes of this track in the trance and progressive charts for a couple of weeks.


eM started writing and producing her own material with her debut EP ‘Experience releasing in 2008. Alongside producing eM also co directs all her videos with Melbourne’s Hit66 Sound and Screen video production.


eM’s first full length album ‘Darker Harder’ was released in 2010 which was a progression starting with an acoustic song ‘Waking Up Inside’ with the ablum ending in a deep progressive track ‘Never Come Down’.


But the journey has been far from easy for eM. Diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2005 she had her first bowel resection 4 months later. Her drive and motivation still continued despite the health issues and she kept working 2 jobs to support her music for a number of years.


In 2009 the Crohns disease flared up with a vengeance and eM had to reduce her working hours to cope. In 2011, while she was working on her 2nd album ‘DHF’, eM lost a brother in NZ to cancer and went on to dedicate one of the songs on this album ‘Promise Me’ to him and the video featured her singing by his grave side. ‘Although I did not write the song for Lance, I ended up singing this to him in his last few hours. It broke my heart to see him suffer the way he did and even now when I listen or watch Promise Me I am reduced to tears’.


In 2012 eM launched her 2nd album ‘DHF’ and shortly after had another major operation with 5 more surgeries all in the space of just over 2 years.  eM had a Procto-colectomy in July 2013 and she released a song shortly after this major operation ‘The Dark’ which she wrote in hospital. ‘I never knew so much pain, lying here in the dark. Trying to get through each day and I’m wondering how you are…’ The video featured video blogs she had started the day she had her ileostomy in 2012 and continued these blogs for the next 3 years mainly as therapy for herself however after making them public on youtube she has reached out to many fellow Crohnies or ostomates.


eM now is part of a committee at St Vincents Private hospital in Melbourne as a voluntary participator and has a Crohns&Me page on facebook which informs people of what she’s been through and she is often contacted by others for help and support. ‘I have half a dozen facebook buddies now that either have a stoma or are in constant pain with Crohns. I know what they are going through and I know their pain. This is my turn to help others through those dark days’.


All through eM’s songs reflect this tough and painful journey she has been through. After 10 years of battling this horrid disease eM is now pain free and disease free. Her vision statement has always been and still is to this day ‘Inspiration Motivation Dedication’. And that is what eM is all about.


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