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Melbourne based vocalist/producer eM is an accomplished artist in the EDM scene with several self produced albums and EPs over the last 15 years, alongside over 50 singles with various producers available on Beatport.


Having started singing at the age of 6 and writing her first song at the age of 13. When other kids were out playing in the yard she was cutting up cassette tapes and making her own mega mixes of her idols at the time Wham, Madonna and Michael Jackson.


eM moved to Australia at the age of 18. She fell in love with Australia and in the year 2000 she moved to Melbourne to pursue her love for music.


She has been involved with acoustic duos, singing with house and trance djs, involved in a breakbeat duo, ran her own small club/party nights and did voiceovers for community and commercial radio stations such as Kiss Fm Melbourne and the Austereo Network.


Her first EDM release was with an Italian producer Roby Mannarini ‘I got love’ in 2008. From thereon eM has released trance, progressive house, house tracks with numerous producers from around the globe.


The 2nd release with Amsterdam born trance producer MaRLo‘Capture’ hit no.1 on Trackitdown for 5 consecutive days in early 2010 followed by another hit track ‘People Under the Sun’ with French producer ‘Jerome Zambino’ which ruled Beatports top 10 with 3 of the mixes of this track in the trance and progressive charts for a couple of weeks.


eM started writing and producing her own material with her debut EP ‘Experience releasing in 2008. Alongside producing eM, she has co directed all her videos with Melbourne’s Hit66 Sound and Screen video production.


With her first international gig in France 2008 alongside dj producer Jerome Zambino, eM now does her own solo gigs using Ableton Live triggering percussion samples as she sings covers of popular songs mixed in with her own over progressive instrumentals.

This live performance concept was debuted in Liverpool, UK in 2018 followed by a 2 year residency at Double Oaks Estate, a vineyard in regional Melbourne.


ADE 2023 eM opened up an all woman dj event (LIA Series) organised by Modern Agenda Music (Canada) at Kashmir Lounge in the heart of Amsterdam with a return gig for 2024!

I've been singing since I was 6 years old from school choirs, rock bands, stage shows, acoustic duos to singing with dj's.  From the age of 16 artists like Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor and Madonna have all inspired me with their originality, drive and emotive expression. I've written all styles of music and enjoy expressing my own thoughts and experiences through my songs. It's what my vision statement is all about...    "Inspiration. Motivation. Dedication."







'THE ROYAL PROJECT' Debut EP December 31st 2023. Long awaited release by a duo with a timeless friendship and music inspired from the 90

'OUT OF THE DARKNESS EP' October 23rd 2023. Five tracks from chill out to breakbeat to progressive house.

'NOTHING VENTURED EP' December 11th 2020 Three track EP with remixes from Craig London, Jerome Zambino, Gari Wald and Real Gone Kid. Kick arse video to match 'Take Me Higher - Craig London/Bougton remix"

'CLOSER TO YOU' December 29th 2018 single - No.3 favourite on 

'SOMEBODY.SOMETIMES EP'  January 11th 2018 3 track EP including a ballad collaboration with French dj/producer Jerome Zambino and 2 remixes by Jerome and UK label owner/dj Simon Huxtable

'HEAVEN' October 10th 2016 collaboration with French Dj Trotty Velasco

'IN YOUR EYES' February 8th 2016 with a house remix by Jerome Zambino. 


'WHEN YOU WERE HERE' March 28th 2015 with a gorgeous remix from UK trance producer Craig London.


'REMIXED EP' 28 April 2014 remixes from Jerome Zambino, Cygnus X-1, Andy Woldman, Wildboiz and eM - Hypnotik Sound


'IN YOUR ARMS' 4 April 2014 Cygnux X-1 aka UK Martin Craig feat.eM  - Numberone Recordings


'THE DARK' released September 2013 with the video capturing her blogs of the previous 18 months of coping with 2 major operations after battling Crohns disease for 4 years - CD Baby


'DANGEROUS HEART' by Zibe feat. eM  2nd September 2013 - KP Recordings


'ENCORE'EP. Three tracks all deep, progressive and hypnotic with a powerful video 'In Our Thoughts' available on youtube. 8th March 2013 - Hypnotik Sound


'FALLIN' mzzemmusic remix 22nd February 2013 - Elettrika Records



'HERE I GO' Zibe feat. eM - KP Recordings

September 2012 'DHF DIRTY MIXED' released featuring remixes of eM's tracks by Real Gone Kid, Tommy Marcus, Dj Mixman D etc - Elettrika Records


28th February 2012 'DHF' eM's 2nd full length album - Hypnotik Sound

'FUCK IT' and 'TELEPHONE' Girl Audio feat. eM December 2011 - Plasma Digital

'MAGIC radio edit' single 22 December 2011 - CD Baby

'YOU DON'T KNOW single 18 November 20122 - CD Baby

'DID YOU EVER' Moon Regiment feat. eM 19th September 2011 - Four Eyed Records

'SOUTH VIBE' Di Liberato feat. eM released 4th January 2011 through Per-vurt Records and is available on Beatport.

'DARKER HARDER REMIXES' 8 remixes released 28th August 2010 from around the globe from house to prog to trance
- even a remix from eM. Available on iTunes, Trackitdown, Juno and most music stores.

'DARKER HARDER' full length album fully written and produced by eM available on iTunes, Trackitdown and most music stores.

'CAPTURE' MaRLo feat. eM released through Noys Music March 3rd 2010. The Mike Koglin remix hit No.1 on Trackitdowns Top 100 Trance and it peaked at No.21 Beatports Top 100 Trance.

'BRYOPSIS' Jerome Zambino & Dan Marko feat. eM released through Revolution Records December 2009 an available through most online music stores.


'SUNSET' Nick Fay feat. eM including 3 remixes - USB Digital October 2009 

'PEOPLE UNDER THE SUN' Jerome Zambino feat. eM including 3 remixes from Nathan Fehn, DC Project Sunscreen remix and Raf Fender. Released 9th May 2009 through Overline Records and available on Beatport. Within 3 days all mixes hit the Top 100 Trance and Progressive on Beatport and even reaching the Top 10!


'REMEMBER ME' including vocal mix feat. eM by Jerome A and DJ Misho released 12 February 2009 through Red Hammer music and is available on Beatport. This track hit No.83 on Beatports Top 100 Trance in its first 2 weeks!!!


'BE CAREFUL' 3 February 2009 - Housework Family (Italy) 


Compilation CD released 12th January 2009 'HOUSE PASSION VOL 1' by HOUSEWORK FAMILY (Italy) featuring my track 'Be Careful' (Roby Mannarini mix) and 'Time' Remix One with Jerome Zambino.


'TIME' Jerome Zambino feat. eM 9th December 2008 - BWG Records (Italy) Including 3 remixes by Roby Mannarini and Tony Wild. This track reached No.1 on BWG Records sales on Junodownload in April 2009!


'EM.EXPERIENCE EP' debut EP - Hypnotik Sound 29th August 2008. 

'BE CAREFUL' Houseworks remix by Roby Mannarini feat. Mr Brown & eM 6th August 2008 - BWG Records (Italy) 


'DROWNING' Patrik Carrera feat. eM released 5 June 2008 through Couture Records


'YOUR MATERIAL BODY' Loyalmen - eM Vocal Deep Chillout Mix Feb 28 2008 - The Remix Label


'LYING' MaRLo feat. eM Feb 18 2008 - Couture Records


'CATCH ME' Andy Cessford feat. eM Jan 21 2008 - Discombobulate


'I GOT LOVE' Roby Mannarini feat. Mr Brown & eM  Jan 19 2008 on the following sites:
This sexy house track hit No.1 on Subway's Hot Chart in Italy.


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